Below are some current Anti-Virus(AV) programs. To download (FTP) the current version to your system, simply click on the item desired. I have listed them in order of strengths based upon personal experience. IF you want/need to see something added to this list, leave me a note. Also, the file sources are secure! In otherwords, directly from the authors system or their official distribution site, or both. This way you can be assured you won't get a hacked and cracked copy.(Last Updated 9-Jun-2002)

Antivirus Programs
NProgramCurrent VersionNotes
Items updated, changed, in the past 15-30 days, or new are preceded by an *
Congratulations TBAV! as being selected as the only U.S. government approved and accepted scanner. F-Prot almost tied as well as AVP. So you see..., only the best are presented here.Also, if a link isn't working, let me know so I can correct it!
Some Current Thunderbyte/TBAV Products.
ThunderByte (TBAV). TBAV809.ZIP DOS Version
ThunderByte (TBAV). TBAVX809.ZIP Registered User Version
Current Macro Def file from Thunderbyte (TBAV). TBSCAN.DEFUpdated Daily or as Needed
AVP Products. All have limited Eval/Expiration period. Though mainly commercial now, eval copies can be used. If you want to see additionalal versions, I'll post those also. e.g. w16,dos,novell,NT, etc.
AVP OS/2 Eval Copy AVP30OS2.ZIPExpires in appx 30 days.
AVP Win32 Eval Copy AVP30W32.ZIPExpires in appx 30 days.
Some current F-Prot products.
* Current F-PROT from Frisk Software. FP-312A.ZIPUpdated As Necessary
* Current Macro Def File from Frisk Software. Current DefsUpdated Daily or as Needed.
* Surprisingly, McAfee/Network Associates and Dr. Solomon have merged into one with a new product combining the best of each organization! FTP links will be up shortly as most of the new product line is still beta.

Some other nice to have programs with related and useful information follow.

Virus EncyplopediaAVP_VE-E.ZIPAVP companion program. Virus encyclopedia listing viruses, their effects and many harmless demos. Excellent research tool. Jul 98 update.
Integrity Master I_M421A Excellent file and disk integrity checking tool by Stiller Research. Also includes a virus scanner.

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