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Matilda GUTHRIE was born in 1808 in Mason co., KY. She married Thomas CARR in 1832 in Brown Co., OH, just across the Ohio River. She died in October 1850 of smallpox after having visited in Indiana. She had eight living children. After her death, in 1852, Thomas married her cousin, Nancy NUDIGATE of Mason Co. Family story says Matilda's mother was a HOWARD. Nancy's mother is not on the 1850 census. Her father is John Nudigate and the Lucinda age 38 is his second wife. I have looked at all the Guthrie's I can find in Kentucky around Mason Co. I found an Alexander Guthrie and wife, Eleanor, who moved to Indianapolis, IN and are there in 1850. Alexander is 72 born PA and Eleanor is 72 born NJ. Alexander died in 1850 as his will was probated there in Marion Co. Attempts to obtain a copy of the probate itself have been without success. Known children of Alexander and Eleanor are: James b 1810 KY m. Highly ISAAC, Austin b 1814 KY m. Eliza HOLLINGSWORTH and Mary Ann b 1806 KY m Moses REVEAL and is in Hamilton Co., IN on the 1850.
Are Alexander and Eleanor, Matilda's parents? Did she go to Indiana on the death of her father? She named a son Alexander. I would love to find some answers on these families.

George IRWIN was born ca 1776 NJ and died 1857 Knox Co., OH. He married Martha NORCROSS in western PA. She was born 1779 Westmoreland Co., PA, and was the daughter of Abraham and Agnes "Nancy" FLEMING NORCROSS.
George and Martha had children:
1. Curtis b 1799 PA
2. Isaac b 1810 Erie Co., PA m Nancy McCRACKEN
3. George b 1808 PA m Sarah DURBIN
4. Christian m Selma THOMAS
5. Westley b 1814 Knox Co., OH m Charlotte KELLY
He deserted his family in Indianapolis, IN in 1856 and supposedly went to CA where he died.
6. James m Catherine COOPER
7. Martha m Hugh LEE
Does anyone have anything on this family?

Thomas and Rebecca JARRATT were in Brunswick, Co., VA in 1735. Lunenberg Co. was created from Brunswick in 1746 and the Jarratt family apparently lived in this area. Known children were:
1. Mary m. ca 1750 Benjamin GIST - my line
2. Thomas m. 1st Martha ALLEN and 2nd Susannah ---- d 1806 Abbeville Co., SC
3. Daughter m. Joseph WRIGHT
4. Daughter m. John WRIGHT
5. Eleanor m. Drury ALLEN
6. Daughter m. John WRAY
7. Nancy m. ---- WRIGHT
Is anyone else working on these Jarratt families?

Donald McMATH reportedly came to America from Ayr, Scotland in 1758 with five children; Samuel, William, Daniel, John and a daughter. He settled in Chester Co., PA. Another son was born in 1759, James, who married Hannah KELLER?, moved to Harrison co., OH where he died abt 1837. James had seven children:
1. William m 1st Mary McGEE lived in Clermont Co., OH
2. David m Charity MOWDERS
3. John m Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN lived in Clermont
4. Mary
5. James, Jr. m Almira LAWRENCE lived in Coshocton, OH
6. Harland m 1st Julian MITCHELL, 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth HAGAR MAXWELL lived in Harrison, OH & Fulton, IL 7. Simeon m Hannah ADAMS
Is anyone researching the McMath family? Harland is my line and his later life is a mystery.

Isham MOORE was born 1804/08 in NC and died in 1873 in Franklin Co., AR, where his son, Hezekiah Willis, lived. He married Charlotte BENNETT in Gwinnett Co., GA., where they lived until they moved to Walker Co., GA between 1850 and 1860. They had children: 1. John B. b 1829 m 1st Elizabeth COFIELD 1851
2. Hezekiah Willis b 1831 d 1911 Franklin, AR m 1st Susan COFIELD and 2nd Melissa PEAR 1862 Walker Co.
3. Mary R. b 1834
4. Murrell C. B. b 1836
5. Hamilton G. b 1837 d aft 1910 Walker, GA m 1st Louisa MANNING, 2nd Margaret ---
6. Charlotte S. b 1839
7. Isham M. b 1841/3 d 1898 Franklin, AR m 1st Mary A. -- 2nd Elizabeth WHITE?
8. Sarah F. b 1844
Was Isham's father Willis Moore b 1787 NC and mother Elizabeth b 1786 NC and did he have two sisters, Elizabeth b 1814 m Miles LANGLEY, and Sarah Ann b 1832 d 1905 m John G. BENNETT? These families lived in Gwinnett Co., GA.

John STEWART was born abt 1775 NC and d 1853 York Co., SC. He married Sarah (MULLINAX?) born abt 1780 VA and d 1853. They had children:
1. Jonathan N. b 1798 York Co. d 1868 m Sarah MOONEY
2. Abner b 1800
3. Elizabeth b 1802 m David SCATES
4. Andrew b 1804/5 d 1846/50 m Matilda
5. Jane b 1807 d 1885 Walker Co., GA m Thomas MANNING
6. David L. b 1816
7. Nancy m Robert EVANS
8. Isom B. b 1813 m. Eliza
9. Polly b 1814 m John WELLS
10. George L.
Who are the parents of John Stewart? Where in NC did he come from?

William NORMAN was b ca 1738 and d 1792 VA. He m 1758 Prince Wm Co., VA Lettice SHUMATE. They moved to Fauquier Co., VA. They had children:
1. John b 1760 VA d 1842/9 Wilkes, GA m 1st 1780 VA Nancy AUSTIN and 2nd ca 1800 GA Isabella RITCHIE
2. Elizabeth b 1762 VA m Jared SUDDUTH
3. Frances b 1765 VA m 1787 William SHUMATE
4. Barton b 1767 VA m Millie SUDDUTH
5. Jesse b 1770 VA m 1st Mary BENTLEY
6. Elijah b 1772 VA m 1800 GA Eleanor BAIRD
7. Hannah/Leannah m Jacob CURRY
8. Daniel
9. William Jr. b Fauquier, VA d 1838 Wilkes, GA m Betsy JOHNSON

William's brothers and sisters may have been:
1. Barsheba b 1733 VA aft 1810 Fauquier, VA m Joseph BULLITT
2. Clement b 1735 d 1820 Harrison, VA m 1760 Jemima SHUMATE, sister of Lettice
3. Isaac b 1740 VA
4. Elizabeth b 1743 d 1792/4 GA m Joshua SCURLOCK
5. Jesse b 1745 VA d 1816 Wilkes, GA m Elizabeth SUDDUTH
6. Hugh b 1747
7. Esther/Hester b 1749 VA m 1768 Fauquier, VA m Charles WALLER
Who are the parents of William? There are a number of Norman's in this area of Virginia in this time period. One researcher thinks his father may be a Clement Norman and this Clement was a son or grandson of a Thomas Norman who died in Stafford Co., VA in 1709.

Martin NALLE b 1670, d 1728 Essex Co., VA m. Mary ALDIN, daughter of Robert and Eleanor (WILLIS) Aldin. Their children were:
1. John m. Mary BROWN
2. Winifred m. Thomas DILLARD
3. Elizabeth m. John ENNIS
4. Martin m. Isabell ------
5. Amey m. William FRAZER
6. Agnes m. probably Thoms BURK
7. Richard m. Elizabeth -- my line
8. Nathan m. Sarah ------

Richard and Elizabeth had:
1. William b ca 1740 Orange Co., VA d 1808 Grainger Co., TN m. Rebecca HOLLOWAY They had:
(1.) Robert m. Mary FRANKLIN
(2.) Frances (Fanny) m. Philip SIGLER 1789 Wiles Co., NC
(3.) John m. Sarah GAMBILL
(4.) Larkin m. Elizabeth SIGLER
(5.) Nancy m. Martin GAMBILL
2. John m. Martha -----
3. James
4. Nicholas m. Mary WYATT
5. Polly m. Abraham HOGAN
6. Winifred m. ----- YOUNGBLOOD
7. Nathan m. Mary CLEMENTS
8. Sarah m. John MYATT, Jr.
9. Martin m. 2nd Elizabeth SELBY
10. Mary Elizabeth m. Murrell PLEDGER

Is anyone else working on these Nalle/Nall families?

John HAVILL was born abt 1779 and died 1829. He married Ann HORNBAKER in 1801 in Washington Co., MD. They had six children:
1. Matilda d 1872 m Nathan TOWN(S) 1829 Coschocton Co.,OH
2. Phillip b 1809 Washington, MD d 1878 Wabash Co., IL m Mary Elizabeth TIPTON
3. John b 1812 PA d 1890 collin Co., TX m 1st Sally CANTWELL 1832 Coschocton, OH and 2nd Lavina SPURGEON 1835 Muskingum Co., OH. They moved to Crawford Co., IL
4. George Washington b 1820 PA d 1883 m Elizabeth COLE
5. Kezia Ann b 1821 d 1906 m John THOMPSON
6. Sabra m 1st John BIRD, 2nd 1845 Coshocton, OH Edward ELLIS

I have a lot of information on John Jr. and Lavina and their family.

John/Jehu THOMAS was born 1809 in KY and died in 1872 in Crawford Co., IL. He married Abrilla MARTIN in Crawford Co. He had three brothers: Zachariah born 1819 in TN/KY and married Mary Ann MALOY HUGHES; Stewart born 1822 in TN and died in 1873in Crawford Co., married Jereta MARTIN; and Urban born 1825 in IN married Drusilla MARTIN, sister of Abrilla. No information on him after about 1854.
Who were the parents of these Thomas boys? Where in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana was this family?

Charlotte BENNETT b 1805/6 SC marr bef 1829 Isham MOORE in Gwinnett Co., GA. I think her siblings were:
1. Frances b 1808 GA marr 1825 Jackson Co., GA Thomas LANGLEY
2. Merril
3. John G. b 1813 GA d 1896 marr 1838 Sarah A. MOORE
4. Trudie
5. Rachel
6. Stephen b 1818 d 1885 marr 2nd Adeline SEXTON
7. Rice
8. Sarah
9. Elizabeth b 1822 marr Wilson HOLOWAY
Was their father John Bennett b 1787 SC?

Who are the parents of Ace C. BOLES b 1841 AL? He married 1st Josephine --- in TX. She died in 1879 in Navarro Co., TX. They had children: Dewitt b 1869; Lula b 1872; Allen b 1874; Callie b 1875; and Susan b 1878. He married 2nd 1883 Henderson Co., TX Lucy HARDIN. They had children: Two not named; Pearlie b 1885; Coxtain b 1887; Shuley b 1890; John E. b 1891; and Ruth b 1893. The family is in Navarro Co. in 1880 and 1900. Ace says his parents are also born in AL. I do not find Ace or Lucy after 1900. Dewitt is in Franklin Co., TX in 1910. I have looked at the Boles in AL and TX in 1850 and do not find a family that fits. I also do not find him on the 1870 census. He was married and had one child so should be the head of a household.

Catheirne CRISWELL was born abt 1768 and died in 1843 in Brown Co., OH. She married Andrew CARR in PA. Their first child, John, was born 1792 in Huntingdon Co., PA. In about 1802 they moved to Brown Co., OH. Who were the parents of Catherine Criswell?

John EDMONDSON (EDMISTON) was born in 1761 in Rockbridge, VA, and died in 1847 in Fulton, IL. He may have married Elizabeth ROBINSON 1791 Washington, VA. After his marriage he moved to Abbeville Co., SC, Blount Co., TN, Lincoln Co., TN, Jackson Co., AL and then to Fulton Co., IL. His father is supposed to have been David "Turk" Edmondson. His children were:
1. David b 1790/1800 SC m Catherine JONES in Fulton, IL
2. John Simpson b 1800 SC m Ferebie LACKEY in TN
3. William A. b 1809 TN m 1st Mary Jane BECKET in AL?
4. Daughter

Almira EVANS was born in 1840 at Terra Haute, Vigo co., IN. She married James Calvin EDMONDSON in 1856 in Fulton Co., IL. The family is in Fulton Co. in 1850 with the mother, Elizabeth as head of household. An obit for her sister, Mary Jane, in McDonough Co., IL in 1914 says she was born at Danville, Vermillion Co., IL. The other children in the family are: Benjamin b 1830 IL, James b 1832 IL, Elizabeth b 1834 IL, Sarah b 1839 Vermillion, IL and Angeline b 1845 IN. The death cert. for Almira says her mother was Elizabeth DICKESON and does not give her father's first name.
Who was Almira's father? He was born in OH according to what she told the census taker.

Who are the parents and siblings of George Washington GARRISON? I thought this would be one of my easiest lines to trace, but it has been one of my hardest. George was born 1856/8 in IL. Several things, including his obituary, say Crawford Co. His wife, Dora THOMAS, was born there in 1865, but I cannot find a Garrison family that fits there, and very few Garrisons at all. His obit says he went to Texas when YOUNG. This could be anything from an infant to a young man. I have not found him in Texas on the 1860, 70 or 80 census. He and Dora married about 1881/3. Their first child was born in 1884/5 in Kaufman Co., TX. I have not found their marriage record.
They were in Cleveland Co., OK in 1900 and came to Cotton Co., OK in 1901 for the Land Lottery. There is a story in the family that his father may have been a Jesse. He named a son Jesse. On all three census I have found him on, 1900, 10, 20, he said he and both his parents were born in Illinois.
His other children were: Charles, Janie, Willie (f), Amanda, Stella, Ruby and Esther.
Anyone have an idea who this George belongs to?

Catharine JONES married David EDMONDSON in 1833 in Fulton Co., IL. They had two children, Nancy Arminda b 1835 m Garrett HARRIS d bef 1870 Fulton Co., and James Calvin b 1836 m. Almira D. EVANS d 1926 Riverside, CA. Catherine and David both died before the 1850 census. Nancy was living with Cannah JONES and his wife, Mercy. James C. was living with William BUCKNER and his wife, Elinor.
I do not believe Cannah Jones is the father of Catherine, as I have a copy of his will and obit and no mention is made of a daughter, Catherine, or her children. But, I do strongly suspect he is a relative, perhaps uncle. Cannah is a very unusal name. I have not seen it any other place. AND, James Calvin and Almira named a son Cannah.
Cannah Jones was born in NC in 1796, removed to TN while quite young, settling near Knoxville, moved to IN about 1823 and then to Fulton Co., IL about 1834, according to his obit in 1870. Catherine was born in IN per her son on the 1880 and afterwards census.
I would appreciate any information on this JONES family.

Thomas MANNING I was born about 1750 and died in 1805 in York Co., SC. His wife was Elizabeth. His children were Catey, William, Elizabeth m DAVIS, Polley m DAVIS, Thomas II and Robert. I have a copy of his will.
Thomas II was born 1770/80 and died in 1844 in York Co. His children may have been Carthyrin m SCOGGANS, Thomas III and Marjamin.
Thomas III m Jane STEWART in York Co. They moved to Walker Co., GA about 1834. Their children were John, Thomas Jefferson, Sarah A., Elizabeth C., Marjaman, Mary J., James K.P. Louisa R. m Hamilton MOORE and Lewis C.
There is a John Manning in York Co. also, b about 1737 who may have been a brother of Thomas I. The names was sometimes spelled MANION in early days.
I would appreciate any information on the Mannings of York Co., SC.

Julian MITCHELL married Harland McMATH in 1835 in Harrison Co., OH. Their only child (at least to live) was born in 1840, same place. Julian died before the 1850 census. Harland was a teacher and was living with the Thomas McCOY family. His son, William Henry, was living with the Ebenezer McCOY family, evidently a son of Thomas.
Who are the parents of Julian Mitchell? I have not found a Mitchell in Harrison Co. that mentions her.

Nancy NUDIGATE married Thomas CARR in 1852 in Brown Co., OH after the death of Thomas' first wife, Matilda GUTHRIE. Nancy and Matilda were cousins. Nancy was born in 1821 in KY, probably Mason Co. She was living there in 1850 with her father, John Nudigate. Others in the family were: Lucinda 38, Elizabeth 23, Amanda J. 17, Margaret 14, Susan 12, James H. 10, Sarah B. 7, Charles 4 and Francis Wise 22. Lucinda was his second wife. Nudigate has also been spelled Newtigate, Newdigate, Nutigate.
Family story says Matilda's mother was a HOWARD. This would eliminate John Nudigate as the blood relative on a first cousin basis. Nancy's mother was evidently a Guthrie or a Howard.
Does anyone know anything about these families?

James Harvey MORGAN was b ca 1805 in VA and d 1861 in White Co., TN. He married Mary "Polly" BRADSHAW, daughter of William Montgomery and Martha LOWREY bradshaw. After his death, Mary married William Davis CARNES, a minister and president of Burritt College, a church school. James Harvey was also a minister and hotel keeper. James and Polly had six children:
1. Juliann Maria m. William Alexander LOWRY, Jr.
2. William B.
3. Algernon Sidney m. Malvina CAMP
4. Jane
5. Martha
6. Evalina m. Wamen DIBRELL
Who were the parents and siblings of James Harvey Morgan?

Lavina SPURGEON was born about 1819 in OH. She married John HAVILL in 1835 in Muskingum Co., OH. They then moved to Crawford Co., IL. She had at least two sisters. Amanda was born about 1823 in OH and married Isaac GATTON in 1842 in Muskingum Co. In 1856 they also moved to Crawford Co., IL. On the 1850 census, her sister, Susan, was living with them. She was born in 1837 in OH and married C.H. WOODRUFF.
There are a number of Spurgeons in Coschocton and Muskingum Cos., OH. Who are the parents of Lavina, Amanda and Susan?

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