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So You Want To Make a Web Page....

Creating a site for the World Wide Web should be an exercise in creativity. There are so many choices to make your page interesting, informative, visually, and now aurally, pleasing. I have collected address to sites featuring information on these subjects that I think will be of help in putting together a web page you can be proud of.

Don't be afraid to dive in and begin to assemble your own home page. You will find pages here that tell you how to use the HTML language to make your page work. You can also go to View and then Source on your browser and see how the page was made that you are looking at. Browsers do see some things differently. For instance the command to play MIDI music is different in Netscape and Microsoft and you have to include both commands for it to be heard in both formats. Look at the Source for this page and you will see an EMBED SRC command, which is for Netscape, and a BGSOUND SRC command, which is for Microsoft.

OK, now close your eyes, visualize how you would like your page to look, and let those creative juices flow!!

HTML Writers Guild - The services offered by the HTML Writers Guild are invaluable to HTML authors of all skill levels who use all current operating systems. You can join the Guild (no charge) and get hooked into the news groups where you can find help with creating web pages, graphics, html editing, etc.
Beginners Guide to HTML
HTML Code Tutorial
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Style Your Sheet
D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
A Few Scanning Tips
Gif Wizard - An on-line program to reduce the size of your gif files without reducing the size of your gif.
Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro Users Group
Backgrounds by Marie
Just Jane
Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for Adobe Photoshop
Colour Selector Page
Image Maps
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Clip Art Portal
Kira'sWeb Toolbox
Kitty's Graphics Index
Image Paradise
Debbie's Garden of Graphics
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs
iBAND Clip Art Mega Site
Clipart Sources
Robin's Graphics
Cool Text Graphics Generator
Animation Factory
Graphics by Shawna
Civil War Clip Art
Smick and Smodoo Midi Page
Midi Might
Songs of Texas
The Cyber Hymnal
Lassen Technologies - Sacred Music
Blueangel's Midi Zone
Blue's Midi Room
IPoint Midi Gallery
Red Sun
Font Space

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