Rachel Shoun and David Haga Wagner

      Rachel Shoun (3 June 1806-6 June 1887), the tenth born of Leonard Shoun and Barbara Slemp, married David Haga Wagner (14 April 1804-14 March 1891) on 13 March 1827 in Carter County, Tennessee. David was born in Carter County, the son of Colonel David Wagner who was reared in Davidson County, North Carolina, and settled on Roane Creek prior to 1798.

      Rachel and David Haga lived on Roane Creek, near Shouns, Johnson County, Tennessee. There were four children born to this marriage. Both Rachel and David lived long lives.

      Their four children are listed below, along with their year of birth and death, the name of their spouse(s), and year of marriage:

(1) John K. Wagner(1828- ?)Eliza A. Stone (1855)
(2) Catherine Wagner(1830- ?)Joel Bowman (1849)
(3) Sarah Louisa Wagner(1833-1890)Joel H. Brookshire (1850)
(4) David Blair Wagner(1835-1915)(1) Chaney Greene (1859)
(2) Eliza Greene (1866)

The following covers the families of each of the above four children:

      (1) John K. Wagner (29 March 1828- ?) married Eliza A. Stone (1835- ?) on 22 July 1855 in Johnson County, Tennessee. This family lived in Johnson County, and raised eight children.

      The children of John and Eliza are listed below, with the year of birth/death, name of spouse, year of marriage, and the number and names of children, if known:

Sarah Ellen Wagner(1855-1912)George K. Wanger (9 ch)
      Stephen M. Wagner(1873- ?)
      Lawrence S. Wagner(1875- ?)
      Joseph M. Wagner(1879- ?)
      Benoiba Wagner(1882- ?)
      Joseph J. Wagner(1885- ?)
      James N. Wagner(1889- ?)
      Elizabeth Wagner(1891- ?)
      Eva Wagner(1894- ?)
      Robert F. Wagner1898- ?)
James L. Wagner(c. 1858- ?)
William A. Wagner(c. 1865- ?)
Nathaniel Samuel Wagner(c. 1867- ?)
Thomas W. Wagner(1870- ?)
Rachel A. Wagner(1872- ?)
Cathelina Wagner(1874- ?)
Charley Wagner(1878- ?)

      (2) Catherine Wagner (18 December 1830- ?) married Joel Bowman on 12 April 1849 in Johnson County, Tennessee. We have record of only one child.

David Bowman(c. 1856- ?)

      (3) Sarah Louise Wagner (3 February 1833-19 July 1890) married Joel H. Brookshire (5 February 1822-8 December 1905) on 7 March 1850 in Johnson County, Tennessee. To this marriage were born fifteen children. Joel married a second time, upon the passing of Sarah, to Elizabeth Shepherd, and fathered three additional children.

      The children of Sarah and Joel are listed below, with the year of birth/death, name of spouse(s), year of marriage, and the number and names of children, if known:

Rachel Brookshire(1851-1943)Andrew J. Stout (1868)(1 ch)
      Sarah S. Stout(1869-1954)David S. Nave (1892)(5 ch)
Catherine Brookshire(1853-1865)
Mary Ann Brookshire(1855- ?)
David W. Brookshire(1856-1863)
Chaney Elizabeth Brookshire(1859- ?)Wm. Foster "Bill" Elrod (1877)
Thomas Everett Brookshire(1862- ?)(1) Amanda L. Reece (1883)(7 ch)
(2) Effie L. McEwen (1906)(2 ch)
      Gaither Brookshire(1885- ?)
      Texie Brookshire(1888- ?)
      Arthur F. Brookshire(1890- ?)
      Sarah E. Brookshire(1892- ?)
      William I. Brookshire(1894- ?)
      Zane Brookshire(1897- ?)
      Edward C. Brookshire(1899 ?)
      Ruth Brookshire(1908- ?)
      Blanche Brookshire(1909- ?)
Joel Joseph (or L.) Brookshire(1863- ?)
Wiley B. Tilson Brookshire1867-1956)Alice C. Vaught (1895)(2 ch)
      Clarence D. Brookshire(1898- ?)
      Halen D. Brookshire(1899- ?)
Savannah Vannia Brookshire(1867-1900)Thomas Z. T. Johnson (1897)(1 ch)
      Donald Allen Johnson(1898-1982)Geneva B. Edminston (1930)(6 ch)
Benjamin Franklin Brookshire(1870-1957)Lula V. Wilson (1892)(8 ch)
      Ethel Brookshire(1893- ?)(1) Archie J. Chapman (1911)(6 ch)
(2) (Unknown) Forbis
      Carl Brookshire(1896- ?)Grace Savage (c. 1922)(1 ch)
      Hessie Brookshire(1898- ?)Claude C. Wilson (1923)(2 ch)
      Otis F. Brookshire(1902- ?)(1) Hazel Johnson (1921)(5 ch)
(2) Ann Holmes (1940)
      Bonnie Brookshire(1905- ?)Lelia Joy (c. 1927)(5 ch)
      Mabel Brookshire(1907- ?)(1) Arthur Hathway (1926)(2 ch)
(2) Jesse E. Chamberlin (1955)
      Mary B. Brookshire(19110 ?)Charles Cotes (1929)(2 ch)
      Benjamin C. Brookshire(1918-1938)June Benton (1936)(1 ch)
Infant Brookshire(1871-1871)
Nancy Cordelia Brookshire(1873-1912)Robert Grant Johnson (1896)(7 ch)
      Hattie Gale Johnson(1896-1959)Ken Henson (15 ch)
      Earl Dean Johnson(1900-1983)Darrel Coleman (4 ch)
      Dayton Johnson(1902-1980)Mary Mellmici (5 ch)
      Ray Vaughan Johnson(1904- ?)Iretis Gentry (1 ch)
      Walter Frank Johnson(1906-1943)Anne Howard (2 ch)
      Grace Hazel Johnson(1909- ?)Jesse Claude Cress (1926)(6 ch)
      Vletta June Johnson(1909- ?)Ray Forrester (4 ch)
Baxter B. Brookshire(1875- ?)
Clynard "Clyde" Bell Brookshire(1879- ?)
Infant Brookshire

      (4) David Blair Wagner (5 March 1835-24 January 1915 1915) married twice, first to Chaney Greene (23 July 1842-21 January 1863) in 1859, probably in North Carolina. There was only one child born to this marriage, and Chaney passed away at the early age of twenty-one. David married a second time to Chaney's older sister, Eliza Greene (2 June 1834-18 July 1921) in 1866. To this union were born six children.

      The children of David and the two Greene girls are listed below, with the year of birth/death, name of spouse(s), year of marriage, and the number and name of children, if known:

Greene McDuff Wagner(1859-1949)Nancy Elizabeth Norris (8 ch)
      Mary Ellen Wagner(1883-1964)George Carroll
      Nora Faye Wagner(1887-1938)(Unknown) Talley
      Oscar Neal Wagner(1888-1926)Effie Wellborn
      Ira Monroe Wagner(1890-1947)Mabel Whitworth
      Carl Albert Wagner(1893-1963)Lucy Johnson
      Chaney Pearl Wagner(18990 ?)Robert Wall
      Jeannie Eunice Wagner(1902- ?)Don Bowles
      Hollie Elizabeth Wagner(1904- ?)(1) Wiley Adams
(2) (Unknown) Ward
Richard Lee Wagner(1867-1947)Sarah E. Blackburn (1887)(8 ch)
      George B. Wagner(1887-1979)Nancy Cheek (1915)
      Artie Loretta Wagner(1889-1974)Benjamin F. Wellborn (1907)(1 ch)
      David H. Wagner(1892-1960)Violet Brown (1915)
      Effie Mae Wagner(1894-1964)Mansfield Greene (1909)
      Minnie E. Wagner(1898-1961)Boyd Greene (1916)
      Leonard L. Wagner(1900-1957)Belva Blackburn (1920)
      Callie Wagner(1904-1970)(1) Cana Blackburn (1921)
(2) Fred White (1926)
      Zella J. Wagner(1906-1925)Spencer Campbell (1924)
Infant Wagner1868-1868)
Rachel Alvinity Wagner(1869-1042)Bynum McNeil (1889)(11 ch)
      Lizzie McNeil(1890- ?)Glen Marshall (1909)
      Grady McNeil(1891-1976)Minnie Rominger
      Berta McNeil(1892-1978)(Unknown) Jackson
      Joseph "Joe" McNeil(c. 1895- ?)Mary Bingham
      Martha McNeil(c. 1897- ?)Robert Castle
      Virginia McNeil(c. 1899- ?)Ben Castle
      Herman McNeil(c. 1901-1974)Mary Norris
      Clara McNeil(1904-1935)(Unknown) Lagan
      Nell McNeil(c. 1907-1952)Verlee Ragan
      James "Jim" McNeil(1910- ?)Frank Teagor
      Anna Belle McNeil(c. 1912- ?)Frank Teagor
Mary Catherine Wagner(1871-1932)Isaac S. Greene (1893)(5 ch)
      Walter Greene(c. 1895- ?)Ola Watson
      Wade Greene(c. 1898- ?)Gerty Carlton
      Worth Greene(1900-1963)Lucy Greene
      Winnie Greene(1904-1977)Glenn Welch
      Winfred Greene(1907-1946)Jennie Greene
Willian Haga Wagner(1874-1959)Disia Etta Greene (1897)(8 ch)
      Commodore Estil Wagner(1898-1898)
      Eliza Rebecca Wagner(1900- ?)Christian R. Moretz (1922)(5 ch)
      Bennie Bruce Wagner(1903-1974)Janice Long (1945)(0 ch)
      Luna Etoy Wagner(1906-1967)William Harry Crane (1928)(4 ch)
      Solomon Clifford Wagner(1908-1991)Nell Leonhardt (1942)
      Mary Clara Wagner(1911- ?)Robert Jay Whisnant (1933)
      Glen Wagner(1915-1917)
      Donald Blandford Wagner
Sally "Rebecca" Wagner(1876-1923)John Benjamin Norris (1899)(9 ch)
      Hugh Edwin Norris(1900-1944)(1) Pearl Church (1 ch)
(2) Rebecca Roten
      Hoy Winfred Norris(1901-1945)Lizzie P. Williams (1923)(4 ch)
      Edna Eliza Norris(c. 1903 - L)Willard D. Norris (1925)(7 ch)
      Mary Alma Norris(1906- L)Elmer Martin (1930)(2 ch)
      Burl David Norris(1909- L)Mildred Jones (1 ch)
      Hazel Martha Norris(1915- L)Virgil Smith (1935)(2 ch)
      Mabel Lula Norris(1917- L)Arnold Hamby
      Candis Rebecca Norris(1918- L)Linwood Hodgdon (1945)(3 ch)
      Iris Norris(1928- L)(1) Ira Moretz
(2) J. Wayne Gragg (1982)

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