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My name is Edgar C. "Ed" Miller and my avocation is KINOLOGY.

        "What is Kinology?", you may ask. In Webster's Dictionary: You can't find the word! On the Web: You can't find anything that relates to this avocation! Go ahead, check out Yahoo, Cnet, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Altavista. You will find that nothing will show up!

        Definition: The avocation of researching, documenting and enjoying many relationships with your kinships. For all of my friends that consider Genealogy as their avocation (or hobby), kinology is the same thing, only you are looking for the younger generations, not the older generations.

        I ask you, isn't it more fulfilling to enjoy the relationships with your cousins, no matter whether it is your first, second, third, or fourth cousins, than with your great, great, grandparents that can't talk, or demonstrate their love for one another!!!! So Come Along, Join Me! Move Some Of Your Attention to The Younger Generations.

        How did I get hooked on kinology? It is a story worth telling. And it started well before we had hard disks and separate keyboards. In other words, before we had anything better than the old, old Apple computer. One of my cousins sent me a family history of the Shoun family, of which I descend. When I searched for my name, it wasn't there. No place, could I find it. And I surely felt left out! My father was there, my half-brothers and half-sisters were there, but not my father's second wife, and their three children

        Right there I set a goal of putting all of the names included in this family history book entitled, "Leonard Shoun and his wife, Barbara Slemp, of Johnson County, Tennessee and their Descendants," into this little old Apple computer, and to set about collecting the names and addresses of all of the kids that had been left out. This family history book, written by Carl B. Neal, was a tremendous start. I wonder, even today, at the horrendous job he had of handling over 5,500 names on 3x5 cards, putting them into an order that would allow the typing of this family history. In his masterpiece, Carl B. Neal went even further than the Shoun family, as he included twenty-two (22) associated families. He included an Abridged Genealogical Outline of Johnson County, Tenn., Families Who Intermarried With the Shoun Family.

        Since that early day, I have gone through five up-dated, start-of-the-art computers, through Basic, DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I have gone through six different versions of Family Roots, a genealogy software program, and am now transferring the files to another genealogy software program, The Master Genealogist. When I transferred the records covering 13,800 names that have been identified with a separate record number (up from the original 5,500 names), I ended up with over 42,000 names. The reason was that I had not given a separate record number to spouses, parents of spouses, or children that had not yet married. Now, I'd Like To Share My Database With YOU!!

        Listed below are four generations of my Johnson, Shoun, Miller and Elrod families, along with thirty other related families associated with Johnson County, Tennessee. This information does not include people who are now living. Of course, my files contain much more information and if you are interested in obtaining this additional data, please send me an e-mail message. By the same token, I would very much like to receive additional information that I do not have on these families, especially on the living descendants. If you have information you are willing to share, please let me know.

On My Mother's Paternal Side
Thomas H. Johnson and his second wife, Fanny Dickensen Scott
William Johnson and his wife, Sarah Davis
Mary Johnson and her husband, Benjamin Sewell
Elizabeth Johnson and her husband, George W. Johnson
Henry Dickenson Johnson and his wife, Dicey Wilson
Thomas H. Johnson and his wife, Delilah Wilson
Nancy R. Johnson and her husband, Jesse Cosswhite
On My Mother's Maternal Side
Adam Elrod and his wife, Nancy Phillips
Sarah Elrod and her husband, David Mikeal
Calloway Calvin Elrod and his wife, Francis "Fannie" Jones
Mary "Polly" Elrod and her husband, Solomon Blackburn
Rachel Elrod and her husband, Amos Mikeal
On My Father's Paternal Side
Alfred Miller and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Shoun
Edward Bartlett Miller and his wife, Lola F. Johnson
Edwin "Clay" Miller and his wife, Martha K. Roberts
Andrew "Fil" Miller and his wife, Carrie Grove
On My Father's Maternal Side
Leonard Shoun and his wife, Barbara Slemp
John S. Shoun and his wife, Susan Baker
Mary Shoun and her husband, Peter Parkey
Elizabeth Shoun and her husband, James O. Speer
Andrew Shoun and his wife, Betsy Powell
Isaac Shoun and his wife, Mary "Polly" Wills
Frederick Shoun and his wife, Sarah Burkett
William Shoun and his wife, Jane "Jenny" Brown
Joseph Shoun and his wife, Mary Wills
Catherine Shoun and her husband, Rufus Moore
Rachel Shoun and her husband, David H. Wagner
Sarah Shoun and her husband, Greene Moore
Nancy Shoun and her husband, Caleb B. Phillips
Rebecca Shoun and her husband, John S. Vaught
Louisa Shoun and her husband, John N. Maddox
David H. Shoun and his wife, Sarah Baker
Susannah Shoun and her husband, Andrew Wagner
Elihu A. Shoun and his wife, Mary Nancy Hardin
Other Associated Families Who Were
Pioneer Families of Johnson County, Tennessee
John Arnold and his wife, Mary
Daniel Baker and his wife, Mary
John Barry (Berry) and his wife, Margaret Cook
Roderick B. Butler and his wife, Emaline Jane Donnelly
Jesse Cole and his wife, Celia
George Crosswhite and his wife, Sarah "Sallie" Adams
Robert Donnelly and his wife, Mrs. Eve Sevely Brown
Julius C. Dugger and his wife, Mary Hall
Lewis Garland and his wife, Susan Cole
Joseph Gentry and his wife, Winifred Oliver
Lawson Goodwin and his wife, Celia Dugger
Peter Graybeal and his wife, Christina Wampler
Jesse Greer and his wife, Mary Morris
Nicholas Grindstaff and his wives, Catherine Smith and Martha Wagner
John Howard and his wife, Barbara Vaught
Roland Jenkins and his wife, Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilson
Jacob Crosswhite Lowe and his wife, Julia Ursula Slemp
James Loyd and his wife, Ruth
Alexander McEwen, Sr. and his wife, Margaret Houston
Samuel McQueen and his wife, Hannah Dugger
Leonard B. Nave and his wife, Elizabeth Carriger
Aaron Rambo and his wife, Harriet Wilson
Joseph Robinson and his wife, Sarah May Stout
Georg Simon Schlemp and his wife, Anna Margaretha Zangmeister
Godfrey Daniel Stout and his wife, Catherine Boltzen
Alexander Sutherland and his wife, Margaret E. Bryant
John Vaught and his wife, Nancy or Esther
John Wagner and his wife, Mary
Lewis Wills and his wife, Catherine "Catey" Dick
John Wilson and his wife, Ann