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      Adam Elrod (20 July 1786-19 February 1875) was the second born of eight children of Conrad (or Koonrad) Elrod (1749-1817) and Mary Hoffman (c. 1763-1851). We know of eight children, but believe there may have been more. Conrad and Mary were probably living in Wilkes County, North Carolina at the time of Adam's birth.

      The first known Elrod living in the United States was Johann Dietrick Elrod, born 1685 in the Palatines, Rhineland, Germany. He was married twice, first to Maria Magdaline Lerchenziler, and second to Sarah Dietrick Wood Smith, a widow. Between his two wives, he had thirteen chidlren. He is the "Patriarch" of an extensive family. One of his descendants was Governor of South Dakota. Many of his family moved to South Carolina and Georgia. Some stayed in North Carolina and moved west as the westward movement began.

      There are two generations between Adam and Johann. They are Wilhelm Elrod and Conrad (or "Koonrad") Elrod.

      Adam married Nancy Phillips (3 August 1788-17 October 1879) on 9 April 1806 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Nancy was the daughter of Ezra Phillips (1762-1836 or 1839) and Hannah Randolph (1761-1839). Hannah descends from Samuel Randolph of Revolutionary War fame.

      Adam and Nancy had twelve children, most of them being born in western North Carolina, mostly Wilkes, Ashe and Watauga counties. They are listed below, along with their year of birtth and death, the name of their spouse(s), and year of marriage, and the number of children:

(1) Elizabeth Elrod(1807- ?)
(2) Sally Eldod(1808-1858)John Trivett
(3) Coonrad Elrod(1810-1860)
(4) Selah Elrod(1812-1897)David Mikeal (1840)(8 ch)
(5) Rebecca Elrod(1814-?)
(6) Ezra Elrod(1816-1818)
(7) Calloway "Calvin" Elrod(1818-1861)Fancis Louisa Jones (1840)(10 ch)
(8)(1820- ?)
(9) Mary "Polly" Elrod(1823- ?)Solomon Blackburn (1843)(7 ch)
(10) Rachel Elrod(1825-1894)Amos Mikeal (c. 1841)(4 ch)
(11) Alley Elrod(1827- ?)Edmund Rufus Jones (1850)
(12) Nancy Elrod(1829- ?)Thomas Blackburn

      The records of only four of the above are going to be expanded, Selah, Calvin, Mary and Rachel.

      We are indebted to Shirley Phillips, 1104 Crestview Drive, Angola, Indiana 46703, (219) 665-5720, and e-mail address: sfriel@fwi.com, for a lot of the information on Nancy Phillips' side of the family. Shirley has developed an excellent 1,100 page book, fully indexed, entitled The Phillips Family - Our History, Our Heritage.

      Anyone researching the Phillips family or others in the Ashe County, North Carolina area should invest in her book. She has them for sale at the address listed above. I recommend this book very highly.

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