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Cousin Finder

      Welcome to our Family Home! We hope you will take time to sit on the swing with us in the cool shade of the porch, sip some fresh-squeezed lemonade, and tell us all about your family. We would love to share our family stories with you. I'm sure we all have valuable information that others would be glad to have. As you can tell from the Kinology pages, the "family" encompases a large number of people and many different names, and not everyone will share all the same lines.

      We would like to provide a list here of our Cousins. Each cousin's e-mail address and their direct line from our last known common ancestor may be listed under that family's surname. Our common ancestor will be shown in italics. The relationship between us will then be noted. So, you will probably be listed under more than one surname. Be sure and look at my Ahnentafel, as well as the Kinology pages. Isn't this a great way to find new cousins and keep in touch with each other? We look forward to hearing from you!